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What Dog Lovers Should Know

February 14, 2020

What Dog Lovers Should Know

Fun and kibble aren’t the only responsibility of being a good pet owner. Welcoming a dog in the family includes lots of love, nutrition, welfare and a big obligation. It is like having a new child which involves upbringing throughout her life.

Bringing a dog into your life is a commitment. You’ll have to deal with the bad times as graciously as with the good times you’ll be spending with your canine. This relationship can be transformative to humans. There might be times when they are hard to deal with, but for sure, there will be more good days.

Learn to read their body language. Dogs don’t talk, they bark. They don’t understand speeches, but they respond to keywords. They send signals to humans to let us know what they need and what they want to communicate to us. Their moments of joy, fear or even anxiety should be known to us so we can address it accordingly.

Dogs may only live for 10 to 20 years, unlike humans who can survive a hundred years. Make the time count. Do you know that their main goal is to make their humans happy? Nurture them with play time, build the bond with your pets by teaching them new tricks. This doesn’t only strengthen the bond, but also develop their behavior and interaction. Studies show that having a dog reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers the reaction to stress. Aside from the motivation given to humans to go for a walk, it is the emotional bond that humans feel towards their dogs that helps a lot.

Meet their basic needs. How would you feel if you got confined in a room, no nothing to do, just lay around and sleep, wait for someone to open the door, talk to you for a short time and leave you again? Dogs also have physical and mental needs which should be met on a regular basis, otherwise, it will develop an unlikely behavior to them, they will get lonely or suffer separation anxiety. Canines cannot be left alone for long hours. They are social animals who need people or other animals around them. Do yourself and your dogs a favor, make sure their biological needs are met. You will sure to have happier days with your pet.

Be prepared for any health problems. There are few health problems that are bound to come up in your dog’s lifetime. If you are lucky enough, those could only be some of the common health issues and are very much easy to deal with. But just always keep yourself ready should there be some serious illness or medical emergencies that should arise. Many of those health issues in dogs may be avoided

Dogs love food, but food is not love. You’ve got to know what dogs can eat and cannot eat. Keep the list handy. There are foods which are dangerous for our dogs. Big no-nos are grapes, raisins, corn cobs, onions, garlic and chocolate. If you have these foods stock in your pantry, make sure aren’t reachable by your dogs. They are toxic for them and will break the bank and cost couple of days at the vet.

The need-to-know list can go on and on, but it is all worth it. Dogs appreciate everything you do for them. Their happiness turns to be yours too. They payback with pure love and loyalty. They love you unconditionally and exuberantly. A home with a dog is a happiest place on earth.


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