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The New Normal with Your Dog During this Pandemic

July 14, 2020

The New Normal with Your Dog During this Pandemic

Positive socializing is crucial to dogs especially puppies that are around 8 to 14 weeks of age. The experience helps to shape them into a well-rounded, properly behaved, and confident dogs. In these uncertain times, the pandemic has brought us, it is still important to be a responsible pet owner and ensure to keep yourself and your pooch safe. A quick tour outside where your dog can still interact with other humans and dogs but practicing social distancing is still important. Along with some indoor activities which can still allow socialization.

Let your dog explore different areas of your home. Take this time to let them on areas they are not ordinarily allowed before.  Their chance to explore without restrictions will give them confidence. Letting your dog walk over and around different things is highly suggested too. Encourage them to walk across a pillow, cookie sheet, or a carpet to allow them to experience different textures. Take them under the coffee table or over a pool noodle so they can adapt to various obstacles too.

Go outside and sit with our pooch while watching neighbors or the around community do activities. Letting them see other people give them exposure to the outside world. They get themselves familiar with other people around the neighborhood.

Try on different looks. Have fun with your dogs and wear something new and different to them. It could be wearing different sunglasses or odd clothing around the house. This allows your pup to practice interacting with a “stranger.” Their act of socializing and getting into a new person will be developed.

Car rides are still recommended of course. Make a short and enjoyable fun ride with your dog. This activity will surely make a difference in their social life. Dogs are a sucker for adventures. They enjoy movement and sights. They are truly an explorer. Make that car rides moments count and a real bonding experience with your pet.

Go for a walk in the park. This pandemic might have restricted our lives in many ways. But it should not prohibit us and our pets to a life outside of the house. Maintain distance from people and be sure to observe proper hygiene, both for you and your pet. You may opt for a quick walk around the neighborhood if a park is not somewhere close to your house. Physical activities like walking and running are innate in dogs, so let us not deprive them of that.

Pet time makes the best quality time. Dogs adore belly rubs, cuddles and snuggles. They feel best during your bonding time. It promotes relaxation and healing for both of you. Make time for time and rub them right away.

Feed them well. During these trying times, we are to spend most of our days at home. Take advantage of the time you get to spend with your pet more. Carefully consider what you feed your dog, now is the best time to do some research and consult your vet in making good choices. It will be the perfect time to monitor their feeding and nutrition in general.

We may be challenged during this pandemic, and so are our dogs. But this shouldn’t limit how we care for them. Let us do our best to keep our lives keep up with the new normal while keeping our health and wellness at utmost priority. Your dog will be your best bud in coping up with life’s inevitable changes.

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