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The Benefits of Keeping Your Dogs Active

January 30, 2020

The Benefits of Keeping Your Dogs Active

We all care about our own physical, mental and emotional health. We do things that will give value and importance to our health like eating right and exercising. But what do we do to take care of our furbabies and keep them healthy? Regular exercise for your pet is just as important as it is for you.

Develop a daily exercise routine for your dogs. It keeps them mentally and physically fit. Taking your dog for a walk around the block is a good start. It does increase your bonding time and his physical activities. It even improves your canine’s quality of life.

Regardless of the dog’s size, they all need to exercise daily. They need to take part in some form of physical activity and stay active. Thru regular exercise, their muscles will be toned and it will help their body and metabolic system to function properly. It improves their state of mind and will reduce behavioral problems in them. It has been proven over time that an active dog is more behaved, focused and calm.

Just like humans, dogs need exercise to stay fit. Lean and trim dogs are less like to have joint issues and other diseases like diabetes and even some form of cancers. When you bring your dogs outside for a quick daily workout, it provides the dogs with some fresh air and sunshine. Keep in mind that sunshine soaks up your dogs with Vitamin D, which is essential for their skin and coat health. The sun’s spectrum rays also speed up healing and kills bacteria and fungi on dogs. Moreover, sunshine helps in proper bone development in our pooch.

Exposure to sunlight also enhances the endorphin production which help keep the dogs in good mood. It stimulates and increase their emotional health. When dogs get to spend more time outdoors, it aids to fend off their bad behavior because they are able to release all their restrained energy and feelings. Hence, they become a perfect example of a tired dog, is a happy dog.        

Dogs are like our children. They need exposure to the outside world. To let them learn and be easy-going in new situations and environments, they must be lay open to the experience outside. Give them the chance to meet new dogs and people, see things that are new to them and let them experience walking on different surfaces.

For best results, it is highly recommended to also provide supplements to your canine that will aid in improving mobility, flexibility, joint support and overall immune system. It is our utmost priority to not just keep them active but of course, to keep them in good shape.

A pet owner would definitely know, understand and feel how good dogs are for us. They are our comfort during bad days, our battle gear to fight loneliness and even depression. They are our savior. They love us back and even much more than what we give. For all the thousand reasons and more, we owe our furries a lot. A simple way to thank them is to make sure we are being good to them by taking care of their health as much as we do for ourselves. Take the first step to keep them healthy. Get them out and keep them active. Remember, regular exercise doesn’t just benefit them, it can benefit you too.


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