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Stay Home and Keep Calm

May 26, 2020

Stay Home and Keep Calm

This global pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in our lives. Our views, perspectives, attitude, behavior, or even the way we live and get by each day have changed. Most of our actions will now depend on how we will react and accept things as they are. The     world is now bringing us to a new normal. What truly matters now is how strong are you to cope up with these changes. And in this trying time, just like humans, our pet family may also suffer from anxiety. It can usually stem from some experiences of abandonment, being left alone or their current environment in general.

We want the best for our canine companion and we must do our part to learn different methods to keep them safe, calm and live a happy, healthy life. Anxiety in dogs can be treated and noticeable under certain circumstances. They usually show manifestations by whining, barking and whimpering, sometimes also by shivering. They tend to become destructive and hostile as well. When these signs don’t get noticed in an earlier stage, they may lead to loss of appetite and will become completely withdrawn.

In an early on stage, it is important that we identify these symptoms and determine the cause. Once you have pinned down the reason, it will be easier for you to manage the treatment that is needed. Learn to calm your anxious dog and you’ll never have to deal with their unhealthy behavior.

The most common in dogs is separation anxiety. And the very obvious way to calm them down and ease their mind is to never leave them alone. But do you know that it is not the real fix? Anxiety can cause an excess of energy, hence taking your dog to playtime and using exercise as both a bonding time and to tire them out is the real thing. Just like in humans, exercise can do a lot of tricks and can help relieve stress by producing endorphins. So, taking them for a long walk before you leave can be so much of great help.

Doggie massage. You might be surprised but massage also works wonders with dogs. It will relax and calm them when anxiety tenses their muscles. Massage therapy is one way to alleviate tension. Try to keep one hand on the dog while the other massages until you will be able to identify where your dog holds its stress.

Cuddle time. There is nothing more soothing and caring for a dog than of their owner’s touch. Cuddling on the couch or bed and enjoying some petting session will do a lot of magic in calming your best friend. Combine some music therapy for a more effective treatment. The power of music can be relaxing because it can block the unnecessary or scary noises that bother our pooch and create anxiety in them.

Rescue remedy and alternative therapies. These can be used as combined or alone depending on the effectiveness it is doing for your furry friend. Supplements are very common and can easily be found in the market. They are usually in the form of dog treats and contains melatonin, chamomile, L-Theanine, or thiamin. These are often recommended by a veterinarian for general or travel anxiety in dogs.

Our current situation might trigger anxiety not just in humans but also with our pets. Let us all be mindful of how we will react and adapt to upcoming changes and alterations in our norms. Instead of being deceptive, it is best to use this time as a perfect opportunity to bond with your dogs and benefit from each other. Divert your energies by helping each other to surpass these challenges. Be safe, stay home, and keep calm.

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