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Make Your Dog Look Pawesome-Awesome

April 29, 2020

Make Your Dog Look Pawesome-Awesome

One of dog’s basic needs and an important part of pet ownership is dog grooming. Just like humans, they need to look and feel their best. It plays a vital role in a dog’s health care. Do it early and often. Ideally, you can treat your pooch to a professional grooming service at least once a month, it will make them feel fabulous coming out of the pet spa. This might cost a little splurge from your budget, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to keeping your furry friend looking awesome. There are many basic grooming tips and proper care which you can do yourself and at home.

Start by having a regular bath time to keep them feeling and smelling great. A proper bath will keep them clean without drying their skin. Use a dog shampoo and with moisturizer or conditioner as much as possible. Bathing them is the perfect time to remove tear stains and dreaded skunk smell. There are also a number of dog towelettes or dry shampoo available in the market. It can remove dirt, pee and poop residue. This can save them from the need of frequent bathing since it may lead to dry, scaly and flaky skin.

Give them a daily brush. Proper brushing will keep their coats and skin healthy. It removes dirt, debris, dead hair and bad odor from the skin. Brushing distributes the skin’s natural oils and will keep their coat shiny.

Trim their nails. Some dog’s nails grow faster than others which will require trimming every two weeks, while some can wait until six weeks. It is the least sought-after task in pet’s grooming because of the doggie drama you can encounter during this activity. Hence, it is important to look for a tool that will help you handle nail trimming easily.

Brush your dog’s teeth daily or at least 2-3 times a week. This will make a big difference to their oral health. It can ward off dental problems and gum diseases. Keep their mouth clean of tartar and bacteria buildup. Get a toothpaste especially made for dogs. You may also want to consider dental sprays and chew treats for your pooch. A great smile begins with a healthy teeth and gums.

Dirt easily gets trapped around the eyes especially on wrinkled faces or droopy lids dogs. Make it a habit to wipe the area around the eyes with a warm wash cloth. Excessive tearing or discharges gets collected in the corners of the eyes and can get crusty.

Just like their eyes, their ears also need regular check and proper care. A gentle swabbing with a cotton ball moist with a mineral oil or a vet-approved cleaning solution is needed to keep your dog’s ears clean and dry. For dogs with longer ears which flop over the ear canal, a more frequent ear cleaning is recommended. Bacteria or wax buildup may cause ear infection.

Knowing and keeping in mind what your dog's grooming needs are, whether you decide to do them yourself or hire a professional, is a critical part of a dog's overall health care. Learn all you can about your chosen breed and how to keep them clean, happy and looking stylish all at once. Your furry family would know and feel how you care for them and they return the favor tripled.

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