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Keys to a Healthy Coat for our Furry Friends

January 13, 2020

Keys to a Healthy Coat for our Furry Friends

Our dog’s skin is the largest organ he has. It is a must to ensure it stays healthy. The general condition of his skin and coat are good indicators of his health. It is just as important to him as your skin health is to you. And as a dog lover, nothing is more comforting than running our fingers through a soft, shiny and clean dog coat with a healthy skin underneath.

There are many factors that influence the overall health of our dog’s skin and coat. This includes his diet and grooming, presence of some parasites and seasonal changes can also play a role.

Diet and Proper Nutrition. Feed your dog a balanced, healthy diet. Bring on the protein. They are best fed carnivores and their hair is actually 95% protein. Around 30% of the dog’s daily protein requirement is used for coat growth. Go for foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre and probiotics and fatty acids. They help reduce inflammation and allergies which gives a good punch on the overall health of our dogs. Skin supplements are also essential in keeping your pooch’s skin soft and healthy.

Grooming. Limit the number of baths you are giving your dog. Do not over wash your pet. When they are bathed too often, their protective oils will be stripped from his skin, leaving it dry and itchy. This will then make him scratch more and can lead to open cuts, sores and wounds. When a dog has open cuts, they will vulnerable to infections. You may use dog wipes or dry shampoo in between the regular washings to keep the natural skin and coat oils.

Using soft bristle, brush your dog’s hair coat on a regular basis. Not only it makes the dog’s coat looks nice and shiny but it promotes healthy skin.  Brushing your dog will stimulate their cells and will keep their natural oil evenly distributed along the hair shafts. Remember, a brush a day will keep skin disease at bay. Brushing keeps off any loose fur and gives a gentle massage to your dog as well. It is a plus because his muscles will appreciate the massage too.

Sun Protection. Yes, just like humans, overexposure to the sun is also bad to your dog’s skin. Limit the amount of time of your dog outside, especially when the sun is out. It is important to give our furry friend some time to walk and exercise, but make sure he also gets enough protection when out. Put a shirt on if needed, it won’t hurt. 

Omega-3. Adding Omega-3 Fatty acids to our pet’s diet is an ideal way to support their skin health as it helps reduce inflammation. It also protects the brain and heart health, thus supporting the overall optimal health of our dogs.

Making sure our dogs are comfortable with their own skin is one of the greatest ways we can show them our love. After all, their skin and overall appearance will also reflect how we are taking good care of our pooch. Wouldn’t you love unlimited cuddling, playtime and hugging with your canine? It is one of the best feelings and an ultimate stress-buster. When they feel loved, they give back, a thousand-fold.

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