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It’s Bath Time! Tips for Dog Bathing at Home

July 09, 2020

It’s Bath Time! Tips for Dog Bathing at Home

Regular baths are essential to keep proper grooming and good hygiene for your dog. Though they do not require daily scrubs as with humans, giving them a good, nice bath regularly will help remove visible dirt, keep their coat clean and as a whole, keep them healthy and free from parasites. There are some things to also consider in determining how frequently you should bath your dog. Take into account their breed, fur, and environment affecting their cleanliness. Avoid bathing more often than truly necessary, for sure, you would want to protect your dog’s coat and doesn’t want to strip off its natural oils.

Where to bathe your dog?

If you have a small dog, you are in a bit of an advantage. You can simply plop your dog in a sink or a laundry tub. It makes the bathing time a lot easier and manageable. For big dogs, it is preferred to do the bath time in your garden and use a hose for your convenience. Just make sure to do this as an occasional experience. Dogs don’t like being cold more than we do and don’t like having a hose shot at them. You can alternate bath times for big dogs between garden and bathtub experience.

Prep Time

Before you even turn the water on, make sure to set up the environment where your pup will be as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that the place and feeling should associate a positive experience for him. Make sure you have everything you will need before you even put a single drop of water to your dog. Your goal is to ensure that bath time will be something your pooch will look forward to and not something when he will hide when called for this pamper time. It is recommended to prepare his coat prior to bathing. Spend some time to brush your dog’s coat so it will not trigger discomfort during bath.


Bathing your Dog

Test the water and make sure it is lukewarm. Now, you are ready to go. When pouring water, start at their body and make sure to fully saturate your dog’s coat, especially for those with thick or water-resistant coats. It is recommended to talk to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice while bathing them. They will feel that bath time is not torture for them but instead, a fun time with you. Use a dog shampoo, and work with it into a gentle lather, adding water as necessary, and massage it all over your dog’s body. Be mindful not to get the shampoo into his eyes. Rinse them well. Soap left into their skin can irritate them once they are dry. First, use a towel to dry them. To speed up the drying process, you can use a blow-dryer. A human blow dryer may be too hot for their skin. You can opt to just air-dry your dog or use a blow-dry especially made for dogs, they are of lower temperature which won’t cause itching.

Reward your Dog

Bath time is not always a pleasant time for your dog. They even find it stressful at times. Make sure to follow up with abundant petting, praises and playtime after. Give them some treats too. They will soon learn to have a positive outlook for bath times.

The keyword is preparedness. Your patience and consistency also matter. Whether your dog enjoys bath time or feels skittish about it, their safety is always a priority. Keep these tips and reminders in mind and you’ll be ready, safe, and successful in having a stress-free dog bath experience!

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