Is Your Dog Bored? How Can You Help?

November 24, 2020

Is Your Dog Bored? How Can You Help?

Have you ever wondered if your dog also gets bored? Well they do! If they don't get enough stimulation and exercise, they too can become bored and irritated. It may also depend on the breed of dog, age, and their energy levels. So, what exactly happens when dogs are bored? What are the signs that your dog is bored? And what can we as dog parents do to help?


Signs of Boredom

More often, dogs that are bored will show signs, either by their expressions or through destructive ways to entertain themselves. Here are some common indications that your dog is bored:


  • Excessive chewing
  • Barking/Whining
  • Jumping
  • Scratching/Pawing
  • Digging
  • Going through garbage, etc.
  • Other destructive, unusual bad behaviors

When your dog is bored, they may chew on your shoes, furniture, dig through the trash cans when you're not at home, or go through your laundry basket and other places they shouldn't be. Or they may try to get your attention by pawing, jumping, and whining at you to play with them. Especially during the colder fall and winter months, when owners take their dogs out for walks less frequently, dogs may become more restless and bored, thus taking things into their own paws to amuse themselves.

Is Playtime Essential for Your Dog?

Why is it important to take time to play with your dog? Well, dogs of all breeds need it to get the physical and mental stimulation they need to grow. It also helps prevent them from getting stressed and from developing certain behavior problems. Some studies have shown that the less often dog owners played with their dogs, the more likely they were to show behavior problems such as anxiety and aggression.

How to Help With Your Dog's Boredom?

We've compiled a list of quick and easy ways you can play with your dog to relieve their boredom and give them the stimulation they need to grow physically and mentally healthy. Let's take a peek at a few:

  • Play Fetch
  • Play Tug (any short piece of rope will do)
  • Hide n' Treat - hide treats in upside down paper cups & have your dog try to locate it
  • Play your dog's favorite toys together
  • Gently Wrestle/Tickle your dog
  • Stuff a food dispensing toy
  • Invite a fur buddy over to play together

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