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Improve Your Dog's Joint Health

September 08, 2020

Improve Your Dog's Joint Health

As aging dogs struggle with arthritis and joint problems, owners will notice them experiencing pain, loss of mobility, and a decreased quality of life. It may even be worse for certain breeds. Just like humans, joint pain occurs from wear and tear over time. What are some signs that our dog has joint pain? What can I do to help? Let's take a look.

Does My Dog Have Joint Pain?

Most dogs are at risk of getting joint pain as they age, however those who may have suffered trauma or injury may be more prone to suffering from joint pain. In most cases, our dogs will only display symptoms when the pain becomes unbearable. A few of the most common signs of joint pain are being unwilling to walk around, not wanting to climb steps, seem to lack energy, or have trouble standing.

How To Improve My Dog's Joint Health

1. Adjust your dog's diet by adding:

What is that? Glucosamin is a compound made up of glucose and glutamine which helps maintain collagen and joint fluid that support joint cushioning. It can also help in reducing inflammation and stiffness.

Chondroitin & MSM
They are compounds that help keep your dog's joints cushioned and helps to decrease its deterioration. It is normally recommended by vets to help support the bone and joint structure to promote your dog's mobility and flexibility.

Manganese & Turmeric
Organic turmeric is an herb that supports healthy inflammatory response to help promote healthy and comfortable joints. Manganese is a mineral that supports healthy cartilage tissue for increase joint comfort.

We recommend trying Petaxin Hip + Joint Support as it includes all of the above mentioned and comes in a delicious beef flavor dogs absolutely love! They thing these chews are treats! Their formula helps build strong bones and eases the daily discomfort and aches that dogs develop as they grow older.


2. Check Your Dog's Weight

If your dog is overweight, it could add more strain to his bones and joints. This, in turn, can cause more pain and damage. Check with your vet to see what is the ideal weight for your dog to promote his joint health and mobility. Then, check to see how you can control your dog's diet so that it is more balanced.

3. Give Your Dog a Massage

Before doing this, check with your vet if massaging your dog's joint is a good idea or not. Depending on each dog's condition, massaging may or may not be a good recommendation. If your vet gives you the "ok", then try various techniques to see which ones your dog enjoys. Make sure to avoid putting pressure on areas where it is painful for your dog. If you notice that your pup's joints are inflamed, you can wrap it in a cold towel to help the swelling go down. If it still persists, then it would be a good idea to take your dog to the vet.

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