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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

December 04, 2019

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Do you have a dog? Then you know that your pet will be with you for only about 8-15 years depending on her breed. Generally, gigantic breeds like Great Danes have shorter lifespans while smaller breeds like Shih Tzus have longer lifespans.


To make sure that she lives a fulfilling life, keeping your pet healthy is paramount. Here are three tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.


Feed her properly


Whether you opt for kibble, wet food, homemade food, or raw food, you should give your dog top quality fare that meets all her nutritional needs.


If you’re overwhelmed by commercial dog food, one good tip is to always read the labels. Check if the source of protein (chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, etc.) is the first or at least one of the first five ingredients listed on the label. This ensures that your dog will get the protein she needs.


If you cook her food at home or put her on a raw food diet, make sure that what you serve is nutritionally-balanced. If she gets too little of an important vitamin or mineral, then her health might be affected. This is also true if she gets too much of something. For example, if she gets too little or too much calcium then her bones might become brittle.


There will always be pros and cons for each type of food. Your dog is probably inclined to eating a certain type as well. You’ll need to balance everything in favor of your dog’s physical growth and health.


Groom her


Grooming your dog covers bathing her, brushing her fur, cutting her hair, trimming her toenails, and brushing her teeth. All of these should be done regularly.


You may find that doing all of them can be a tediously long process. Your dog might be the type who hates having a bath or can’t stay still for a toenail trimming session. One of the best solutions to this dilemma is to bring your pet to a groomer regularly.


But, if you want to save on some bucks, you can also try to train your dog to love grooming at home. There are many ways to do this. You just need a lot of patience, love, proper tools and preparation, and treats ready for your dog. A grooming session can be another way to bond with your pet.


Keep her stress levels low


Health is not just about your dog’s body. It is also about her mind. A lot of things can stress your dog. Her mental issues might manifest in something as small as lip smacking or something big like poop eating, peeing everywhere, or unseasonal shedding.


One way to let her release her stress is to exercise her regularly. Take daily walks with her. If you don’t have a park nearby, then just walk around your block. Give her toys that challenge her mind.


Another way to lessen her stress is to make her follow a routine. Set a regular time for her meals and her walks. If you need to go to work, get out of the house and come back home at the same time.


A bonus tip: bring your dog to the vet regularly. Just like humans, your dog needs annual check-ups so that an expert can keep tabs on her development.

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