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Healthy Heart – Healthy Dog

June 02, 2020

Healthy Heart – Healthy Dog

Do you know that keeping a dog, makes your heart healthy? Hence, welcoming a furry friend at home and keeping them healthy, makes both of you enjoy a happy life. But heart diseases also affect dogs, it might be a little different as with humans, but there are also conditions involving weakening of the heart muscle. Congestive heart failure is a real concern too in our aging furry family. There will also be some evidence of heart abnormality, like heart murmur, enlarged heart and valve changes. Caring for you canine involves its overall health and making sure they have a happy and secured environment. It prolongs their life, giving you both a healthy, more years ahead.

Jumpstart by giving your dog a healthy diet. It does not only keep them in tip-top shape, but it also promotes healthy skin and coat, proper organ function and keep them properly nourished. Obesity is the number enemy of a healthy heart. Ensure to choose a balanced, high quality food for them. The treats should be given at a minimum. Practice a healthy feeding time and appropriate serving of food to maintain a healthy diet.

You might have achieved a healthy weight for your dog, but it also needs frequent physical activity to keep them fit. You do not need to worry, because it is very common for dogs that they love cardio. There are a lot of activities they will surely enjoy, choose from walking, hiking, running, swimming, catching ball and agility, as long as it keeps their heart pumping.

Dental health is strong linked to heart health. Dental diseases in dogs tend to rear its ugly head in ages of 4 and 9. Through years, the buildup of plaque, tartar and infection in their mouth may enter the bloodstream and contribute to congestive heart failure. So, it is so important to maintain a healthy dental care routine as early as possible. In times you will notice any problems in your pet, like sore gums, bleeding or foul breath, do not hesitate to bring and see the vet asap.

Keeping a regular visit to a vet is necessary. Remember that dogs age much faster than we do. For every 1 year in our life, to them, it is already 4 to 8 years added. So, imagine going that long without a checkup? Not good, right? A bi-annual visit with the vet will then be recommended.

Majority of heart diseases in canines is considered acquired rather than genetic. This means that mainly, it is dependent in their lifestyle and it develops through years of everyday wear and tear and illness. There are symptoms you can watch out for. Once noticed, seek and consult your veterinarian’s attention. If your furry friend shows shortness of breath, rapid weight loss, dry cough after exercise, fatigue, pale gums and fainting spells, pay a visit to your vet so your pet can be tested. These are showing signs of heart failure.

There are potentially beneficial supplements that you may give to your dogs. They can help improve appetite and decrease inflammation. The omega-3 fatty acids may help stabilize heart muscle cells. Choose those with good bioavailability, so it can be easily absorbed by the body.  This is best paired with proper nutrition to achieve the best result possible. Keep in mind that just like with foods and any other products for hygiene, choose those that are specifically made for dogs.

It is your greatest achievement to keep your best friend by your side for the longest possible time. You might think that doing all these tips are just for their heart health, but the truth is, a healthy dog, also keeps your heart healthy. So think about hitting two birds with one stone!

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