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Give Your Dog a Furry-Purfect Skin

April 17, 2020

Give Your Dog a Furry-Purfect Skin

Since our canine friends are pretty furry, we do not always think of the skin underneath. Their skin is their largest organ and typically their protective barrier and it keeps them safe from bacteria, harmful chemicals, dirt and fungus. It regulates their body temperature and its health contribute to their overall wellness. This is where the importance of having a basic skincare regimen takes in.

Always do inspection to their skin. Pet your furry friend and as you stroke and run your hands thru them, be cautious for any lumps, bumps, scabs or scaly skin. Visually inspect their coat and skin. Look out for redness, bald patches or hot spots. It is important to also check their ears and feet. Dogs with floppy ears has lots of folds in their skin and are prone to skin infections. Peek at their paw pads and between toes for dryness and cracks and check any signs of skin problems.

Nutrition plays a big role in your canine’s skin and overall health. Good quality of food will provide them essential nutrients to promote healthy skin and fur. Consider adding skin care supplements to your pooch diet to promote better skin condition.

Good skincare starts at home by having regular grooming sessions. Bathing is one of the best things we can do for our pets to prevent skin infection. It removes allergens and conditions the skin. After bath, wipe them dry and brush their coat to remove tangles and debris. Brushing allows to shed off some fur but its normal and regularly doing it will keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Dog grooming is a hygienic care and cleaning of a dog which enhances their physical appearance. It is a vital part in their well-being and health which if maintained properly, will improve their quality of life.

From time to time, you may see your dog scratching, licking and even biting. But if they cannot seem to stop doing such, it is a telltale sign that they are having an uncomfortable skin condition. It is what makes them vulnerable to injuries and skin concerns. Dogs tend to have an allergic reaction to numerous things just like with humans. Triggers can come from food to shampoo to grass and weeds. Your pooch will not find a relief until the cause has been determined and only from then, you can have it treated. The itch scratch cycle has to be broken so the skin can heal.

It is not too much to research and check out on a good supplement which can deliver a dose of Omega fatty acids to help nourish your dog’s skin and can promote a softer and shinier coat. Consider incorporating such in their diet. Having your dogs checked regularly by a trusted vet is also suggested to ensure they are safe.

The wellness of your pet friend will give you peace of mind. As a furparent, nothing beats a quality play and cuddle time with our dogs. Who doesn’t love to sleep beside them and wake up with their licks all over your face? Our furry family needs attention as much as humans do. How we put our health on top priority is just the same as theirs.

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