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Does My Pet Need Supplements?

October 10, 2019

Does My Pet Need Supplements?

"Are we giving our pets everything they need to live a long, happy, & healthy life?" That question may pop in our head from time to time as we begin to learn more about our pet's nutrition and hear more from various pet health experts.

With growing advances in science, it seems that the use of pet supplements is the way to go to aid our furry friends, but is it really necessary? And if so, which supplements are essential for my pet? We're going to help unravel what it is that makes these pet supplements so beneficial for your pets and which ones you can consider trying.

How do I know which supplement my dog needs?

Like humans, there is no 'one supplement fits all', it would be nice, but each pet's needs differs just like us. And that could well be based on a number of factors such as their size, breed, age, healthy history and more. With all these factors to consider, there is also a large selection of pet supplements to choose from which can make it quite confusing for pet owners to decide which one suits their pet.

So, we've here are a few things to look out for while you consider and check out various types of pet supplements:

Immune System: Is your pet struggling with scratching, hot spots, and sniffles caused by seasonal (pollen) or environmental factors? Fortunately, there is a large range of immune-supporting supplements that can help. Look specifically for products that contain antioxidants, Apple Cider Vinegar, and probiotics because a healthy stomach can also affect your pet's immune health.

Digestion: Have you noticed lately whether your pet looks uncomfortable or unhappy after a meal, is gassy, or even scooting their bottoms on the floor? Then perhaps adding a digestive supplement into their daily diet may do just the trick to rid them of their discomfort. Similar to human digestive products, look for pet supplements that contain probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes which can aid and help relieve your pet's tummy issues.

Skin & Coat: Does your pet have dry or flaky skin? If so, you can look into products that contain fish oil which helps offer your pets a rich source of Omega fatty acids that can help soften your pet’s skin and help give their coat a nice, shiny appearance. 

The above mentioned are just a few of the most common ingredients that you can look out for in your pet's supplements that can greatly aid in making your pet healthier & happier.  There is definitely a lot of selection out there, but don't give up - your pet's well being depends on it.

Is just giving them pet food simply not enough?

Some good intention pet owners might assume that their pet can get all the nutrients they need just from their daily pet food. However, just like some of the foods humans eat on a daily basis, pet food may not be that healthy or have much nutrition in them. Even some pet foods are made with low grade ingredients and scraps as well as artificial flavors that simply do nothing to boost your pet's health.

That is why it is so crucial to not only make sure what specific ingredients go into what you feed your pet on a daily basis but also see what additional nutrients they're lacking from their diet. Aside from doing all the homework and research yourself, it is highly advisable to also consult your veterinarian for input on what your pet is lacking and requires boosting. From there, you can better determine which types of supplements your pet needs.

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