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Calming Dogs – It’s PAWsible

February 26, 2020

Calming Dogs – It’s PAWsible

Just like in humans, we would know when something is bothering them. Dogs show manifestations as well when they aren’t comfortable or exhibiting stress. Much more with your pet, you know them best.

There are factors at play aside from sometimes, dogs absorb stress from humans. Separation anxiety, fear and aging are the most common cause of stress in canine. The signs are vast but it includes symptoms like decreased appetite, trembling, shaking, frequent yawning and hyper-vigilance. It is worrying to deal with a stressed pup, so it is important to understand what is making Fido freak out. Once you have known the stressor/s, you can work your way to remove them and do some simple practices to ease your furbabies’ feeling of discomfort.

Dog anxiety wrap works like a charm. The gentle pressure applied to your dog’s body, induce feeling of calmness and contentment. This compression wrap also works for fireworks, anxiety brought by dementia or just by general anxiety. This practice is similar to swaddling in an infant and provides instant results.

Play some music. We, as humans also have our bad days, down moments or even has overwhelmed feelings. And you probably have a go-to song to listen in those times. But do you know that music can calm our dogs too? Music can chill them out and help them calm down. Studies show that dogs with the music housed has less observable stress. Music can reduce dog’s heart rates and cortisol level, leading to lowering symptoms of stress. It also eases separation anxiety when we leave home. So, next time your pet gets anxious, turn on the radio or put some tunes.

Try Aromatherapy for dogs. You’ve read that right! Yes, there are essential oils for dogs which can help soothe your pet. Purchase a vet-approved, formulated oil for pets and rub it on your dog’s back and avoid areas where your dog could lick it off. Just a piece of advice, go for chamomile, cedar, bergamot and lavender, they have the calming and grounding properties you need for your pets. And steer clear from citrus, anise, wormwood, tea tree and clove.

If in any case, music and aromatherapy doesn’t work or help at all, try these other soothing tips. The magic of touch. Some slow, steady belly rubs work wonders and can make a big difference. Give your pet a time to relax. Place your dog in a dark room with no external stimulation, put your clothes in there too, so they can still have the smell of you. It is not a timeout, but you are giving them the best time to reset. Go check yourself too. Remember, your feelings matter to them most. They can sense your anxiety, hence, shake it off and ensure that you are calm when dealing and speaking with your pet.

As with humans, a great stress reducer is exercise. Simple physical activities like walking and playing fetch will do wonders in releasing the tension of your dogs. Let your dog explore outside and check the pee mail.

Do not be afraid to also try some anxiety medications and supplements. There are nice forms of anxiety relief that your dog can enjoy. There are supplements that help support relaxation and positive, balanced behavior in pets.

There are several options you can try to keep calming your dog. Make sure to pay attention to what causes stress and keep them away from it. Seek professional help when needed. Always support your dog through their tough times and do not give up. Your strength is their strength, help them overcome the situation. After all, a happy dog equates to a happy human.

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