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Add Years to Your Furry Friend’s Life

June 16, 2020

Add Years to Your Furry Friend’s Life

What purpose does your canine serves you? For sure, they bring countless happy memories and laughter to you. Their lives are mostly spent waiting for us to come home. They are very loyal and would willingly do anything for their masters. They bring so much joy into our home. Have you asked yourself if there is anything you wouldn’t do to keep your pet around as long as possible?

Prolonging their lives might not even be enough, we want them to spend all years together being happy and healthy. Building a healthy, daily routine and keeping up with it makes a big difference and helps promote a long and healthy lifespan.

Keep an eye on what they eat. Your canine is not for eating, so do not fatten them up. Go for foods that are made specifically for dogs. Keep them away from table scraps. Pay attention to how much they eat, because it is of much importance as with what they eat. If possible, feed your dog on a set schedule. Obesity is a risk and remains as the main nutritional problems, not just with humans, but also with dogs. Hence, keeping them at a healthy weight for their breed and age will support their health and longevity.

Stay active. Your pooch is actually made for running. Not having enough physical activity for them might take a toll on their physical and even mental health too. Just like any other living or non-living thing, it has its purpose and should serve as it is. When they are physically active, it helps them to maintain a healthy weight, keeps their organs and muscles strong and prevents them from getting bored or anxious. Develop a routine which both of you can enjoy and can help stay in shape.

Keep calm and relax. They are highly exciting creatures. Their senses are very reactive to any new stimuli. It could not necessarily bad stress, but being consistently on this mood can cause them to have an increased level of cortisol and adrenaline. These are the same hormones being produced during stressful situations. On the reverse side of over excitement, other situations like loneliness, confinement, excessive noise, or lack of exercise can become stressful for them too. Make sure to know how to calm them down. Enough attention and affection should be given to them. Engagement with other people and dogs can keep them happy and stress-free.

Good oral health. Your canine’s oral health is the gateway to their overall health. Gum or periodontal disease caused by untreated cavities affects mostly adult dogs. This disease can spread the infection to other parts and organs in their body. A proper oral health regimen maintained at home will help a lot. Get some chew toys too, they aid in keeping teeth clean by scraping away some soft tartar and avoid its buildup.

Regular checkups, vaccination and supplements. A regular visit to a trusted vet will make a big difference. The chance to catch any disease is very high. At least one appointment a year for a full-grown dog is much advisable. Complete their vaccination so they have added protection against diseases. Incorporate supplements with a healthy diet. Oftentimes, we think good food will be enough, but adding supplements will do so much more.

Living with a furry friend makes it a lot more different. You look forward to happier, brighter days. You become excited about going home, knowing that there’s someone constantly waiting for you. Their loyalty is priceless. The most precious and loving gift we can give them is to take care of them and ensure we do all possible means to prolong their life. Have a happy, furry life with your dog!

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