5 Winter Care Tips to Treat Your Dog's Dry Skin

December 15, 2022

5 Winter Care Tips to Treat Your Dog's Dry Skin

As the weather gets colder, your dog's skin can also become irritated. Some of the symptoms may not be that noticeable, however some may cause other complications if left untreated. Dry, itchy skin in dogs is very common in the winter when the humidity drops as well as other factors such as allergies, infections, poor diet, and so forth. Read on to learn some natural remedies you can try to help soothe your beloved dog's skin troubles.


Doggy Dry Skin Symptoms

Just like humans, if you leave your dog's dry skin untreated, it can start to develop some of the following symptoms:

  • Dandruff - White flakes, which are dead skin cells, will be on everything that your dog has touched.
  • Flaking - Dead skin cells falling off your dog whenever they shake or rub against objects around the house.
  • Odor - When yeast or bacterial infections are present on the skin it can cause the dog's skin to stink. If ignored, it can lead to severe infection.
  • Pimples - Small red bumps that appear all over the dog's body.
  • Shedding - Your dog starts to lose hair all over their body or in patches.


1. Bathe Your Dog Correctly

It's great when you are a responsible dog parent and you want to keep your dog squeaky clean on a regular basis. However, excessive bathing can actually do more harm than good for your dog. It can dry up your dog's oily skin. That is why it is essential to set up a schedule of when to bathe your dog as well as look into the type of shampoo you are using. Using human shampoo can actually cause serious skin problems for your dog. So, make sure to do the research and look into the right type of shampoo for your dog's skin type. Look for dog shampoos that target dry, itchy skin. Regularly using the correct type of dog shampoo for your dog can help prevent or heal your dog's dry and flaky skin.

2. Oil Your Dog

Just like some humans rub on oil after a bath to moisturize their dry skin, you can also use olive oil for your dog! It's natural and quite safe to use on your dog's skin. Simply add about 5-10 drops of olive oil in a cup of water and apply it onto your dog's dry skin twice a day until you notice that their coat is smooth and healthy again. Since the olive oil mixture penetrates deeply to moisturize, it works great as a natural, fast relief for your beloved fur bud. If you've noticed that your dog's skin has healed, you can still opt to use this olive oil mixture from time to time to maintain their healthy skin. Doing so can do much good to help reduce shedding and dandruff.


3. Humidifier

Thought that humidifiers do only good for humans? Think again! Just like humans, your dog's skin can dry out during the winter because the humidity is low. Therefore, check to see if the weather forecasts a drop in the humidity levels. If so, keep your dog indoors and turn on the humidifier. In this way, both you and your dog's skin will thank you.


4. Oatmeal Dog Bath

If you personally suffer from dry skin and have looked for natural remedies, you may have come across oatmeal baths or mixtures to treat your dry skin. But, did you know that oatmeal is also a popular treatment for dogs? It can help eliminate dandruff, balance your dog's skin oil, and sooth irritation and itchiness. Here's all you need for a vet-approved oatmeal bath for your dog:

  • Food Processor
  • Plain, unflavored oatmeal (1/3 cup for small dogs, 1/2 cup for larger breeds)
  • Bathtub
  • Warm Water (not hot)
  • Extra: 2 tbsp. of olive or avocado oil and 1 cup of high-fat milk

All you need to do is blend the oats in the food processor on the highest setting until the powder is fine and consistent. Then, test a spoonful into a glass of warm water. If the oats are ground fine enough that they absorb into the water and the liquid looks milky and smooth, it's good to go. If not, simply grind the oats into a finer consistency and test again.

Once the oatmeal powder is at the right consistency, get your bath ready for your dog. Gently rub some of the oatmeal mixture directly onto areas of your dog's skin that are irritated or itchy. Allow your dog to soak in the bath for about 10 minutes, massaging the oatmeal into her skin and using the warm water to rinse off. Although a lap or two of the oatmeal bath won't hurt your dog, try to prevent them from drinking the water. Finish by towel drying (not blow drying as it can dry out their skin) your dog after the bath. 

5. Dog Supplements for Skin

Aside from taking all the necessary steps externally to keep your dog's skin moisturized, your dog's diet can also affect their coat health. Omega-3 fatty acid is an important ingredient that not only supports your pup's healthy skin, but also helps boost their immune system and improve joint function. Petaxin Omega Care contains 200 mg of omega-3 fatty acids as well as Biotin and Zinc to help target your dog's coat health and reduce shedding. They are perfect for canines of all ages and are available in a fish flavor that dogs absolutely love!


We hope that these five methods can help soothe your dog's dry skin and improve their overall skin health!



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