5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit & Healthy

August 26, 2021

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit & Healthy

Just like humans, our dogs also need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. However when we get busy, it can be easy to forget to exercise ourselves, let alone make sure that our dogs are getting the physical & mental activity they need. In fact, it seems that almost a third of dogs seemed to become overweight during the lockdown, leading to other health issues.


How Much Exercise?

So...how much exercise does your dog need to stay fit and healthy? In general, the amount of exercise will depend on your dog's breed, age, and lifestyle; however, most dogs will need on average at least 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity a day. You can check with your veterinarian to see how much exercise your breed of dog will need. Exercise is an important part, but it is good to keep in mind that it involves more than just running and walking. 


5 Steps to Keep Your Dog Fit

There are many ways to help keep your dog fit and happy, here are five suggestions:

1. Allow Your Dog to Socialize

A great way to stimulate your dog mentally & keep them healthy is to have them socialize with other dogs. When your dog is more outgoing and have excellent social skills, they are less anxious & fearful about meeting new people or exploring new places. This has a positive impact on your dog's mental health and they are able to enjoy more in life. When your dog has a poor mental health, they may get stressed or anxious easily, especially when meeting new people/dogs or going to a new place. They may also tend to exhibit certain behavior issues such as excessive barking or chewing.

2. Nutritious & Balanced Diet

Making sure your dog is healthy goes beyond just feeding your dog his meals everyday. As a dog owner, you need to know what type of food your dog enjoys as well as what nutrients he needs. Select food that have:
  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Gluten-Free
  • Limited Oil & Grease
  • High-Protein
  • High Fiber Foods
  • Avoid Highly Processed Foods
Aside from their daily meals, it may be wise to consider implementing supplement treats that also provide your dog with the vitamins & minerals they need. Petaxin's Digestion, Joint, & Skin Care Bundle is a supplement value pack that contains all the nutrients your dog needs to support his overall wellbeing and with a taste dogs simply love!

3. Water Activities

Aside from land activities, get your dog engaged in water activities! Not only does it give them the physical exercise they need, water activities are a great alternative for dogs who have joint issues or hate running. It's such a great workout for them, that according to some experts, one minute of swimming is almost equivalent to four minutes of running for dogs! It can help them build up their muscles and strengthen their cardio system. Of course, make sure to be balanced (swimming at least once a week may be sufficient) as too much water activities can potentially be harmful for your dog.

4. Outdoor Sports

If the weather is good, take your dog outside for some physical activity! Dogs love to play outside! You can take them out for jogging, running, camping, or hiking! Of course, you should check with your vet to see how your dog's health is and what types of workout is suitable for him. Don't jump into high-intensity workouts suddenly as it may be too much for your dog, depending on his health condition, age, & breed. Also, take into considering the outdoor temperature & weather when consider what type of workout and how long the outdoor activity should be.

5. Treats!

Who doesn't like a good treat from time to time? Dogs love them too! Rewarding your dog is highly beneficial for your dog's mental health. It is also a fantastic method to train your dog and help them to stay well-behaved. You can offer a fitting, nutritious treat for your dog when they learn a new command. When you use positive reinforcements, this educates your dog that good things happen when they listen to your directions. Of course treats aren't limited to just food treats, they can also be new toys, a nice scratch in the back or cuddle time with them, and so forth.


We hope that these suggestions can help you to be more aware of you can do to keep your dog healthy & fit! If you notice your dog lacking energy suddenly, it's always wise to immediately consult your vet to see if your dog is suffering from some other health issues. May your dog continue to live a healthy & happy life!

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